When you receive your mixing bottle, it will arrive in 3 parts:

  1. The bottle itself
  2. The nozzle
  3. The child-safety cap, with seal

The cap may arrive already on the bottle, so you'll want to remove it first in order to add your e-liquid. Once you have poured your base liquids and flavour shot into the bottle, push the nozzle into place. Make sure this is in all the way - it may make a popping/clicking noise as it's pushed into place.

Once the nozzle has been fitted, next screw on the cap until it's tight.

Please note, the clear cap is made up of two parts, and you might think the internal section looks like a nozzle, however this is just part of the cap. The nozzle is a separate part.

Each time you open and close the bottle, you'll need to push down on the top of the cap while you twist. The first time you do this, the seal on the bottom will break.

Turning the cap without pushing down on it will just cause the cap to spin and not open – this is the child-safety mechanism.