How to Lock or Unlock the VIM

Safety Features:

• Overtime protection – The battery will automatically cease output and the power indicator light will flash 6 times if the power button is held down for more than 10 seconds. 

• Low voltage protection – When the remaining voltage of the battery drops below 3.1v, the power indicator light will flash red 10 times and output will cease. 

• Short circuit protection – If the battery detects a short-circuit, the power indicator light will flash a multi-coloured light 3 times. 

• Low ohm protection – If a damaged coil, or a coil with too low of a resistance, is used, the battery with flash a multi-coloured light 3 times. 

• Overcharge protection – The device will stop accepting a charge once fully charged. The device, however, should always be removed from the charger once charging is complete. 

• Vents – The battery has built-in vents around the USB connector and the charging LED to allow venting if necessary.

Safety information 

Failure to follow the supplied safety instructions could result in personal injury or damage. Users of the VIM do so at their own risk. Neither JAC Vapour Ltd, nor its retailers, assume any responsibility or liability associated with the use/misuse of the device. JAC Vapour Ltd products are intended for adult use and consumption only. Keep the instruction booklet included with the VIM in a safe place for later reference. 


• Do not drop, deform, bend, crush, puncture, incinerate, microwave, shred, paint or insert foreign objects into the battery. 

• Do not clean the device other than as instructed by JAC Vapour Ltd. 

• Do not attempt to repair or modify the battery or tank yourself. 

• Use caution when handling the device. The coil will become very hot through use, so direct contact with the coil during, or just after use is to be avoided. 

• Never leave your device unattended while it is charging, or while the coil is still hot.