When the power button is pressed, the colour of the LEDs either side of the button will indicate the remaining charge. 

Green – Fully charged (functioning at 3.8-4.2v) 

Blue – Half charge (functioning at 3.3-3.8v) 

Red – Low charge (functioning at 3.1-2.4v) - you may notice a drop in performance at this stage. 

Red light flashing 10 times – Device needs re-charged (below 3.1v) 

Pass Through mode: While being charged via the Micro USB lead, the device can still be used as normal.

Battery and charging 

The battery contains a Lithium-Ion battery. Exercise caution while using and storing your battery, and always dispose of the device in the correct receptacle. Always store fully charged. 

Charging will take approx. 2.5 - 3 hours. During the charging process,the charging indicator light will glow red. Once charging has completed, the charging indicator light will turn blue indicating that the battery is fully charged. 

When charging, take care not to force the Micro USB. Insert it only far enough for the charge indicator light to come on. Connect the other end of the USB lead to a USB plug adapter (1 Amp or less) or a computer USB port. Do not use highpowered (greater than 1 Amp) phone adapters. 

• Never leave a battery to charge unattended. 

• Always charge on a fire-proof surface. 

• Always use the correct Micro USB charging lead as supplied by JAC Vapour. 

• Do not use high-amp phone USB adapters.