By changing the coil, you can change how the tank performs:

1.0Ω MTL S-Coil – uses less e-liquid and battery capacity, allows discrete vaping, warmer vapour – similar to a cigarette.

0.7Ω TURBO MTL S-coil (SS316L)- uses more eliquid and battery, more flavour and vapour for MTL, not as resilient (do not run dry) - similar to a cigarette

0.42 Ω TURBO MTL S-coil (SS316L)- uses even more eliquid and battery, max flavour and vapour for MTL, cannot dry burn - similar to a cigarette

1.0Ω DL S-Coil – cooler vapour, bigger clouds, uses more e-liquid, more hit from the nicotine and more battery drain.

0.5Ω DL S-Coil – cooler vapour, max clouds, max e-liquid, max nicotine hit and max battery drain.

Notes on coils: Coils should be changed regularly, coils can last a long time, but research has shown over time build up on the coil can cause unwanted substances in higher numbers, so we advise changing a coil every 7-10 fills, to maintain the best possible taste and emissions. This applies to all coils.

Coil life will vary dependent on many factors, the type of eliquid used, some flavours reduce coil lifespan as do certain bases, even similar flavours from different manufacturers dependent on ingredients. You should always get at least 7 fills though.

New coils should be primed prior to use, to prime a coil place a few drops on each wicking hole, and then 2 drops down the coil centre from the top. Priming the coil allows the wicking process to begin and prevents dry hits or coils burning out quickly. This is particularly important with high VG or pure VG liquids.

If you over prime a coil you will flood the device, if this happens flick the device sharply a few times, this willl clear any excess liquid. With a new coil you may need to do this a few times as it beds in.