From time to time, your tank may need to be cleaned, as e-liquid and condensation from the vapour tends to leave a residue inside the tank through use. 

To avoid build up of condensation, flick the device sharply to clear, do this whenever you experience gurgling and you will avoid a build up of condensation. 

To clean, simply: 

• Remove the tank base (including the coil) from the tank. 

• Rinse the tank chamber and mouth tip in warm water (no soap or detergent), then allow to stand to air-dry fully. 

• Remove the mouth tip and rinse and dry.

Keep your battery and tank connector clean. A build-up of dried e-liquid and dirt over time can cause connection problems. 

To clean: 

• Use a pin/needle to clear the connector and battery threads. Doing this will clear away any dirt or debris that may be preventing a good connection. 

• Use some paper towel or cotton wool to wipe away any leftover residue that may be left on the connector and battery threads.