Switching on/off and locking/unlocking the battery

Rapidly click the power button 5 times within 2 seconds to lock or unlock the battery. While locked, the battery will not activate or fire the coil. The power indicator light will flash 3 times to show that the battery has been successfully unlocked. 


• Ensure that your battery has enough remaining charge to operate. 

• Ensure that your tank is filled with a suitable quantity of e-liquid. 

• Push and hold the power button down, while at the same time inhaling through the mouth tip. 

• When you are finished inhaling, release the power button and exhale. 

• Use the adjustable airflow to tailor the tightness of the draw to your liking. 

• If you experience any gargling flick the device sharply to clear (fig.4)

When the power button is pressed, the colour of the LEDs either side of the button will indicate the remaining charge. 

Green – Fully charged (functioning at 3.8-4.2v) 

Blue – Half charge (functioning at 3.3-3.8v) 

Red – Low charge (functioning at 3.1-2.4v) - you may notice a drop in performance at this stage. 

Red light flashing 10 times – Device needs re-charged (below 3.1v) 

Pass Through mode:

While being charged via the Micro USB lead, the device can still be used as normal.