Using the SERIES-B Tilt 50W

Switching on / off

Rapidly click the power button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn the SERIES-B Tilt 50W on or off. While switched off, the device will not respond to input or fire the attached atomiser.

Switching between Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage modes

To switch between power modes, rapidly click the power button 3 times (while the device is switched on).

Lock power output

To lock the power output of the device, press and hold the + and – navigation buttons together for 3 seconds (while the device is switched on). Repeat to unlock the power output again. This allows you to fire the SERIES-B Tilt 50W without accidentally adjusting the power output setting.

510 connector

The device is fitted with a spring-loaded positive pin. The pin will compress when a tank is attached, ensuring a secure connection between tank and device.

Standby mode

When the SERIES-B Tilt 50W is powered on but not used for more than 10 seconds, the device will enter standby mode and the LED screen will switch itself off. Press any button to leave standby mode.

Flip screen

The display can be flipped easily to enable the best reading orientation. To flip, switch off the device (by clicking the power button 5 times), then press and hold the + and – navigation buttons together for 3 seconds. The display on the LED screen will then flip 180 degrees.

Power timer

While the device is firing an attached atomiser, the display will begin counting up in seconds, to a maximum of 15secs. Once the power button is released, the timer will continue to display for a further 3 seconds, or push the power button once more to return to the main screen.

Setting voltage or wattage

Use the + and – navigation buttons to increase or decrease voltage/wattage. Holding one of the navigation buttons down will result in a continuous increase or decrease until any other button is pressed.


The SERIES-B Tilt 50W is compatible with sub-ohm coils/atomisers. The device can fire coils rated as low as 0.2Ω, though you may notice that this will drain the battery far more quickly. Using a sub-ohm atomiser will also cause the battery’s performance to reduce much more quickly when it’s near the end of its remaining charge. Sub-ohm vaping requires a suitable, high-quality 20Amp IMR 18650 battery.