FOLLOW THESE STEPS to set up your SERIES-B Tilt 50W box mod, don’t miss a step!

1. Remove the magnetic battery cover.

2. Insert a charged 20Amp IMR 18650 battery (sold separately), positive side pointing up towards the top of the device (see battery requirements for more information).

3. Replace the magnetic battery cover.

4. If charging is required, connect the Micro USB charging lead. Do not force the connector, only insert it far enough for the charge symbol to appear on the LED screen.

5. The SERIES-B Tilt 50W will power up automatically when a charged battery is inserted.

6. Attach a compatible 510 tank to the device, and push the power button once to check the resistance(Ω). Current voltage/wattage and resistance are displayed on the LED screen. If the screen shows ‘TANK SHORT’ or ‘NO TANK’, check that the fitted coil is rated at 0.2Ω or above.

7. If the voltage/wattage and resistance are displayed on the LED screen, the device is ready to use. Voltage/wattage can be easily adjusted by using the + and – navigation buttons.

8. Press and hold the power button to fire the device while inhaling. Release the power button to cease firing, and exhale.