Battery requirements

A flat-top IMR 18650 battery, measuring no more than 65.5mm in length, and with a max. continuous amperage of 20Amps or greater, is required.


To charge the SERIES-B DNA 75W, attach the Micro USB charging cable to the port found on the front of the device. While the battery is charging, a charging symbol will appear on the OLED screen. Once the battery is fully charged your vape mod kit will cease drawing power, but the Micro USB charging cable should still be removed as soon as possible.

DO NOT FORCE the charging cable into the charging connector. It only needs to be inserted far enough that the charging symbol appears on the OLED screen. Applying excessive pressure will cause damage to the device.

Alternatively, external IMR battery chargers are available to allow independent charging outside of the device.

Pass through function

While the device is charging, it can still be used as a pass through (i.e. it can be used and charged at the same time).