Mixing your own e-liquid using our PicNIC range is incredibly easy, but the method will vary depending on whether you're using our 50ml bottles of base and a syringe with a 10ml mixing bottle, or the 10ml base bottles and 50ml mixing bottle:

50ml base bottles:

Firstly, remove the nozzle from your 10ml mixing bottle. Then take your syringe and remove the blue plunger, and pop the red cap onto the nozzle. Then, using the measurement lines on the side, add 8ml of your chosen base. Next, add 2ml of your chosen flavour. This can be just one flavour, or a mix! You can also choose to use a little more flavouring and a little less base if you'd like a stronger flavour.

Next, put the blue plunger back into the syringe, turn it so the nozzle is at the top and remove the top cap. Syringe the liquid into the 10ml mixing bottle, pop the nozzle back into the bottle and screw the lid back on.

Shake the bottle well, until the base and flavouring are well mixed, and you have your vape juice ready to go!

10ml base bottles:

Take your 50ml mixing bottle, remove the lid and nozzle, and pour 10ml of your chosen flavouring into the bottle. This can be one whole 10ml bottle of flavouring, half and half of two others, or any other combination!

Then, pour four 10ml bottles of base into your mixing bottle, and replace its nozzle and lid. Shake well until the base and flavouring are well mixed, and you're ready to go!