There are two ways to charge your IMR 18650 battery.

Firstly, a lot of devices which use IMR batteries have something known as pass-through charging. This is when the IMR battery can be charged whilst it is installed in the device, through use of a USB cable. Our SERIES-B Tilt and SERIES-B DNA offer this, and also allow you to use the device to vape whilst it's charging.

If you want to use pass-through charging to charge your 18650 battery, first make sure that your device offers it and, if you're using a wall adaptor with your USB cable, that it's no more than 1.5amps as fast-charge adaptors (such as those sold with some mobile phones) aren't suitable.

The other way to charge your IMR batteries is through an external charger. With these, you remove the IMR battery from your device and insert it into the external charger. These are useful for if you have spare IMR batteries and like to have them charged and ready to use as soon as your current battery runs flat.

Again, these external chargers have a USB plug, so make sure you're using a suitable wall adaptor.