Is your battery refusing to fire?

If your 510 EGO or Twist battery isn't working and the button isn't lighting up, the first thing to check is whether or not the five-click lock is active. Simply click the main button five times quickly, and the button should flash to show that the battery is now active Clicking the button another five times quickly will lock it, to stop it firing by accident when in a bag or pocket.

We also recommend checking the connection on your battery and making sure that it is free from any buildup or dust/debris, and that the threads aren't damaged in any way. These issues can affect the connection between tank and battery, but the connection can be cleaned by running a pin around the inside of the connection threads and giving the outside of the threads a wipe with a cotton wool bud or some tissue.

If the button on your battery flashes when pushed, this often points to an issue with the coil, so change it for a new one. This usually fixes the majority of issues with e-cigarettes!

Finally, check your tank with with another battery if possible. If the tank works as it should with another battery and you've tried all of the above, this points to a possible technical fault so please do get in touch with our customer services team who will be happy to replace the battery if it's within its 60-day warranty period.

Is your battery firing, but weakly?

Firstly, if you are using a Twist battery, make sure that you have the voltage set to your preferred setting. A lower voltage will result in a weaker hit, so crank it up if you're wanting a bit more 'oomph' each time you inhale!

However, if this doesn't help, we recommend changing the coil as they will start to feel a lot weaker and not produce as much vapour as they reach the end of their life.

Is your battery not charging?

The first thing to try is to check the charger with another e-cigarette battery if you have one. If this other battery doesn't charge either, then this points to an issue with the charger rather than the battery so try an alternative cable, but also check your wall adaptor or USB port. You can also give the charger a clean by running a pin around the inside of the connection, like with the batteries.

If you don't have another battery available, try another charger. If you've confirmed that the issue is with the battery and not the cable or you don't have alternative batteries or chargers to test, please do contact our customer services team!