Our 510 EGO batteries are incredibly simple to use.

First, attach your tank by screwing it onto the connections at the top of the battery. Then, click the main button five times quickly to unlock it. If your battery's button doesn't light up when pushed, this means that it is still locked and clicking the button fives times will cause the light to flash and will then light up when pushed.

To use the battery to vape, just hold down the button whilst inhaling, and then release when you're done. You can then click the button five times quickly again to lock the battery to stop it activating when it's in your bag or pocket.

If you are using the 510 Twist batteries, these have an additional dial at the bottom which can be turned to increase or decrease the voltage given to the coil in your tank. A higher voltage will produce more vapour and more of a 'hit', but will also use more liquid, whereas a lower wattage will produce less vapour but also use less liquid.