A few tips for new users

Some trial and error may be required to find the right settings for you, but the simple-to-use controls of the SERIES-B Tilt 50W box mod means that is easy to cycle through various power levels. Different e-liquids will perform very differently at a range of power levels. Some respond well at higher wattages, some will offer better flavour with less power. Airflow also has a big effect on the vapour produced. Sub-ohm vaping in particular requires plenty of airflow to prevent your wick from burning. Refer to the Voltage/Resistance/Wattage chart in your manual for more information.

How do I clean my SERIES-B Tilt?

From time to time, the 510 connector on the SERIES-B Tilt 50W may need to be cleaned. A build-up of e-liquid residue may develop through general use, which can inhibit power delivery, or prevent the device from getting a clear resistance reading from the attached tank. To clean, simply:

  • Remove the attached tank from the device.
  • Use a pin/needle to clear the connector and battery threads. Doing this will clear away any dirt or debris that may be preventing a good connection.
  • Use some paper towel or cotton wool to wipe away any leftover residue that may be left on the connector and battery threads.

Is your SERIES-B Tilt refusing to fire?

If your SERIES-B Tilt is refusing to do anything at all and the screen is staying blank, the first thing to check is whether it's turned off. Clicking the main button five times quickly will turn it off, so clicking the button another five times quickly should get it working again.

Also, check to see if the IMR 18650 battery is loose. If so, it could be that a solid connection is not being made with the battery and so the device has no power. You can then gently raise the negative battery connection with a small screwdriver or tweezers and this should create a solid connection again. To lower the chances of this happening, please see the below video to ensure that you're removing the IMR battery safely.

If an error message is displayed when you try to use the device, please check below for an explanation of these messages and how to solve them.

Is your battery not charging?

Firstly, check the Micro USB cable with another device if possible. If this other device doesn't charge, this would point to an issue with the cable or the charging port, so try an alternative. You might also want to try another IMR battery to see if the issue is with the battery rather than the SERIES-B Tilt.

If no other battery is available, try another Micro USB cable. If the issue does lie with the SERIES-B Tilt and not the cable, please do contact our customer services team who will arrange a replacement if the SERIES-B Tilt is within its warranty period.

Error Messages

The SERIES-B Tilt will display one of a number of error messages if there is a problem, but these are often easily fixed.

No tank;

If there is no tank connected to the device, pushing the power button will cause the LED screen to display the ‘NO TANK’ error message. This error can also be caused by dirty connectors/threads, or a problem with the fitted coil.

Low power

If the battery has a remaining voltage of less than 3.3v, the LED screen will display the ‘LOW POWER’ error message before shutting off. The onscreen battery indicator will show as empty from 3.4v.


If the SERIES-B Tilt 50W overheats, it will enter sleep mode and will display the ‘OVERHEAT’ error message. The device will lock itself and will be inoperable until it has cooled to a safe working temperature.

Over 15 secs

If the power button is pushed down for more than 15 seconds, the device will cut out and display the ’15 SEC’ error message.

Tank short

If the SERIES-B Tilt 50W detects a short in the attached atomiser, the device will show the ‘TANK SHORT’ error message. Shorts normally occur if there is a problem with the 510 connector of the tank, or fault with the coil build. Overtightening the attached tank can also return the ‘TANK SHORT’ error message.


If the remaining voltage in the fitted IMR 18650 battery is too low to safely fire the attached atomiser, the device will show the ‘PROTECTION’ error message. For example, if you’re using a 0.5Ω coil and there is 3.7v remaining in the cell, selecting a wattage of more than 27W will return the error message. As the device is used, the remaining charge in the battery will drop. The SERIES-B Tilt 50W will automatically compensate to allow high-wattage vaping, until it can no longer do so safely. At this point, the ‘PROTECTION’ error message will begin to appear. To avoid this issue, recharge your battery once the ‘PROTECTION’ error message begins to appear. The ‘PROTECTION’ error message may also appear when using a battery which isn’t high-drain, or is otherwise unsuitable for use with the SERIES-B Tilt 50W.

If you need any further help after trying these troubleshooting tips, please get in touch!