Is your battery refusing to fire?

The first thing to check if your SERIES-E vape battery isn't doing anything at all, not even lighting up, is the five-click lock.This stops the battery from working but clicking the button five times quickly should cause the lights around the button to flash and get it working again. Just be sure to click the button five times quickly again to lock it before putting into a bag or pocket.

If the light is coming on but nothing's happening or it's flashing, check the connection on your battery as a dirty or clogged connection will affect the connection with the tank. If it does look dirty, give it a clean by running a pin around the inside of the connection. You can see how to do this in the below video.

If the battery is still flashing after this, it's likely that it's an issue with the coil so swap it out for a new one. This usually fixes most issues with e-cigarettes.

If the battery still isn't firing, check the tank you're using on another battery. If it starts working with this new battery, this confirms that the issue is with the battery so please get in touch with our customer services team who will replace the battery if it's still covered by the 6-month warranty.

Is your battery not charging?

First, try another battery if possible, to see if it's the charger which isn't working. If this other battery doesn't charge either, this would point to an issue with the charger. It's worth trying a different adaptor or USB port, too, in case the one you're currently using isn't working. Finally, you can clean the connection on the charger in the same way as the batteries, so that's worth trying. You can see how to do this in the video below.

If you don't have another battery, try another charger. If the battery doesn't charge on either one, please do contact our customer services team who will arrange a replacement for you.

If you need any further help after trying these troubleshooting tips, please get in touch!