Simply click the button on the device 5 times and the lights around the button will proceed to flash 3 times meaning the device is switched on. Proceed to press and hold the button as you inhale and release the button as you exhale the vapour. To switch the device off again click the button 5 times when the device is switched on.

Another feature the SERIES-E battery is equipped with is an adjustable power feature. To use this feature, ensure the device is switched on, then click the button 3 times; the 3 different power settings use different coloured lights as to indicate which setting you are on. We always recommend that you give each power setting a try to find which suits you best.

When your first switch on your SERIES-E, it will show a white light when pressing the power button, which indicates it is switched to the highest power, 4.8 Volts. With 3 clicks it will show a green light, to indicate the medium power setting, 4.2 Volts. Another 3 clicks and the light will flash red, which indicated the lowest power setting, 3.7 Volts.