Is your tank leaking or gurgling?

If your tank is gurgling, or feels 'bubbly', when inhaling, it could be that the coil has taken on a little too much e-liquid or e juice. Simply give it a few short, sharp flicks downward, and this should free any excess liquid. If this doesn't solve the issue, you may need to change the coil for a fresh one.

If your tank is leaking, the first thing to do is check that all of the tank and coil's seals are in place and aren't damaged. Also check that nothing is cross threaded and that everything is screwed securely together, but not overtightened.

If you are using the Toptank's RBA deck, make sure that you've used enough wicking material in your build.

Also, check that you have your device set to the correct wattage for the coil you're using. Too low of a wattage means that the coil isn't able to efficiently vapourise the vape liquid it's holding and it takes on too much liquid, leading to a leak. The recommended wattage settings for each coil can be found printed on the side of the coil.

If you find that the leak happens after filling, it could be that the tank was overfilled, and the leak will stop after a short while of use.

If the above tips don't solve the issue or if the coil is over 5 or so days old, we recommend changing to a fresh one as an old coil can often be the cause of a leaking tank.

Does your liquid taste burnt or harsh?

If, when inhaling, you get a burnt or overly harsh taste, this could be a sign that you have your device's wattage set too high for the coil you're using so try turning it down and this should subside. If the coil has been used too much at these higher wattages, it may be too burnt to recover, and so would need changing for a new coil. You can check the preferred wattage range for your coil on the side of the coil.

If you've recently moved onto a sub-ohm coil for the first time, and are using the same vape juice you were before, you may find that it;s feeling much harsher than before. This is because OCC sub-ohm coils produce much more vapour which amplifies the throat hit from your nicotine and PG. Therefore, for all sub-ohm tanks, it's recommended that you use e-liquid with a high amount of VG and a lower nicotine strength.

We also recommend checking to see what resistance of coil your device is reading. We'd expect to see a small amount of fluctuation, so a 0.5ohm coil may read as anywhere from 0.4ohms to 0.6ohm with no effect on performance. However, if the resistance is above or below this range, it can lead to a very harsh taste. Check that your tank isn't overtightened onto your device and that the coil is properly fitted, or change the coil if this doesn't solve the issue.

Is your tank not producing any vapour?

On the opposite end of the scale, your tank may not produce any vapour, or very little, if the device's wattage is set to low. Gradually work it higher, taking a test inhale in between, and you'll soon start to see more vapour produced. You can also check the preferred wattage range for your coil on the side of the coil.

As above, it is also recommended to check the resistance of your coil. If it's not reading correctly, check that the connections aren't cross threaded or overtightened, or change the coil for a new one. You may also want to check the tank on an alternative device if possible, to rule out the possibility of the device being at fault.

Please note that the Kanger TopTank Mini is no longer available. This is because of the TPD regulations, but please check out our updated range of vape tanks over on the JAC Vapour website.