To change the coil in your Toptank or Subtank, first turn your vape tank upside down.

Then, unscrew the airflow adaptor away from the rest of the tank. Unscrew the old OCC coil from this adaptor and throw it away.

Pick your new coil, making sure it's the correct resistance, and that you're not using a Temperature Control coil on a device which doesn't have this feature.

Screw the new coil into the airflow adaptor, and then put a few drops of your chosen e-liquid into the centre of the coil. This is known as 'priming' and helps speed up the process of the liquid soaking into the wicking material of the coil.

Screw the adaptor back into the tank, and turn the right way up.

Fill your tank if needed, leave to sit for around 15-20 minutes to let the liquid fully soak into the coil.

For sub-ohm coils, we recommend turning the wattage on your device low, and gradually working it a little higher each time you inhale, to let the coil 'break in' gradually.

Due to the TPD regulations, the Kanger Toptank has been discontinued. Please see the JAC Vapour website for our full range of current vape tanks.