Filling your Kanger TopTank is incredibly easy due to its 'topfill' design.

Firstly, open up the vape tank by unscrewing the very top plate, which holds the mouthpiece.

Then, pour your choice of e-liquid into either of the two side holes, making sure that no liquid goes down the centre post and that you don't fill above the metal 'cross bar' which goes between these two side holes.

Screw the top plate back into place, and you're good to go!

If this is the first time you've filled the tank since getting it, or since changing to a new coil, we recommend leaving the filled tank to sit for around 15-20 minutes to let the e-liquid fully saturate the wick inside the coil.

Please note that the Kanger Toptank is no longer available due to the TPD regulations. If you're looking for a new e cigarette tank, please take a look at the full, updated range on the JAC Vapour website.