Is your tank leaking?

Firstly, check that all of the seals are in place and that each closure isn't cross-threaded, This also includes the coil, so make sure that it is fully screwed all the way down. Also, make sure that no e-liquid has gotten into the centre post while filling. If it has, open up the tank as if you're filling it, and gently blow down the centre post. Also, remove the mouthpiece and make sure that no liquid is in the mouthpiece or has built up in the condensation trap.

Is your tank gurgling/spitting?

If your coil feels 'gurgly' when inhaling, or spits liquid into your mouth, this could be because the coil has taken on too much liquid and has become flooded, so it's not able to properly vapourise all of the liquid inside it. To fix this, hold the device by the battery and give it several sharp flicks downward.

Are you getting no vapour from your tank?

This can sometimes be accompanied by your battery flashing when you try to use it. This could simply be that the coil doesn't have a solid connection with the battery, so we recommend removing the coil and then reinstalling it.

Does your inhale feel 'blocked'?

Remove the coil from the airflow adaptor and rinse the adaptor well in warm water, or leave to soak for around 15-20 minutes. Then, take a needle and poke through the airflow holes to make sure they're not blocked. Rinse again, and leave to dry completely.

If you've tried the above tips and are still experiencing the same issues, then please change the coil as this is usually the culprit, especially towards the end of their lifespan.

If you are using a brand new coil, then it could be that you have a 'dud' or a faulty one, so it is still worth changing it if your e-cigarette isn't working as it should.

If you need any further help after trying these troubleshooting tips, please get in touch!

The various versions of the Kanger Aerotank are unfortunately now discontinued. We do, however, have Geni Aerotank spare parts and Geni Aerotank Mega spare parts still available. We also have a wide range of updated e cigarette tanks if you're looking to upgrade.