To change the coil in your AeroTank V2 or Geni Aero Tank, unscrew the tank from your vape pen or its box mod kit then flip upside down if there's still liquid in the tank.

Unscrew the base of the tank from the upper tank piece, unscrew the original coil and then take your new coil and screw into the base of the tank, ensuring the coil isn’t cross-threaded.

Take your e-liquid and add a few drops to each of the small cotton wicking pieces on either of the outer edges of the coil then add a few drops of liquid to the inside of the top hole of the coil, this process is called priming the coil (this process only needs to be done with a brand new, fresh, dry coil).

Fill your tank if necessary, then screw the base of the tank back into the upper piece of the tank, then screw the tank back onto the device. Leave the device for 5—10 minutes to completely soak the cotton with liquid, and you're good to go.

If you're confused about which Kanger PT3 coil to use in your tank, we've included a list below of the different coils compatible with your tank and a short description on why they are different from each other. Hopefully this will help in choosing the coils suited best for yourself.

V1/V2 PT3 Dual Coil & Wick - These are our standard coils, they typically last for around 7-10 refills depending on usage before needing to be replaced. V1 Coils have exposed wicks, whereas the V2 coils have hidden wicks. This does not affect the performance of the coil, however, the V1 coils work better with VG liquids due to the exposed wicks, and are a little more reliable.

PT3 Low Resistance Dual Coil & Wick - Our standard coils in 1.0Ohm and 1.2Ohm resistances, which means that they both will produce more heat and vapour with the lower resistance. The lowest resistance of coil you can use with the SERIES-E is the 1.2Ohm due to the SERIES-E not being a Sub-Ohm capable battery, as there's always a very small margin of error when manufacturing coils and it would be dangerous for a non Sub-Ohm capable battery to fire a coil that is 0.99Ohm.

PT3 Dual Coil with JOC Wick - This coil has an upgraded Japanese Organic Cotton (JOC) wick. These wicks allow for more vapour production, a cleaner taste and smoother vape overall. They handle higher temperatures better (higher voltages) and provide a more dense, full vapour. Also, you will use e-liquid a bit faster with these wicks.

The JOC wicks will last you around four refills before needing to be replaced, however the additional cost of running these wicks is outweighed by the quality of flavour and vapour they produce.

In regards to how quickly the performance of all coils can deplete, variables can include the type of E-Liquid being used (higher ratio of VG means the coil will clog up the coil quicker due to the thicker consistency), the power setting of the battery, and how frequently they are being used.

Please bear in mind that these tanks have now been discontinued and are no longer available. However, we do still have Kanger Geni AeroTank spare parts and Geni AeroTank Mega spare parts available. If you are looking for a new vape tank, please see our full range on the JAC Vapour website.