The Aerotank, Genitank and the Genitank Mega all use similar styles of filling techniques but both are fairly simple to grasp for even the newest of vapers.

First, unscrew the vape tank from the device you are using, next, turn the tank upside down, then you unscrew the base of the tank (containing the coil) from the upper parts of the tank. The thread is located closest to the airflow, not to be mistaken for the threads for disassembling the tank (located within the tank and connected to the glass housing). At this point you can replace the coil if needed.

Next you fill the tank with vape liquid by placing the nib of the bottle in any of the outer fill slots (be sure not to empty liquid into centre slot as it will come straight back out of the mouthpiece), then empty into the tank and fill until the liquid reaches the fill slot on either tank.

Now proceed to screw the base back to the main parts of the tank, then turn your tank right side back up, finish up by screwing the tank back onto the device that you are using and it will be ready to vape again.

Unfortunately, the Kanger AeroTank, Geni Tank and Geni Tank Mega have all been discontinued due to the TPD regulations. If you're already using these tanks, you can find AeroTank Geni spare parts and Geni Tank Mega spare parts on the JAC Vapour website. We also have a range of updated, TPD-compliant vape tanks available as well.