Is your tank leaking or gargling?

If your vape tank feels like it's gargling or bubbling when you inhale, it could be that the coil has become a little flooded. To fix this, simply hold your device by the battery and give it several sharp flicks downward. This should free any excess liquid from the inside of the coil.

If your tank is leaking, first make sure that all seals are in place, that nothing is cross threaded and everything is screwed together fully, but only finger-tight and anything tighter might stop the tank coming apart later.

Also, if a leak occurs straight after filling, it could be that the tank was overfilled with vape liquid, and the leak should stop after some use.

Finally, if none of the above fix your problem, simply change the coil out for a fresh one as an old coil can cause leakage.

Is your tank not producing any vapour?

If your tank isn't appearing to produce any vapour, firstly check the tank on a spare battery to confirm that the issue is with the tank or coil and not the battery you're using.

Then, check to make sure that the the PT3 coil is properly inserted and that it's not been cross threaded. Also check the connection with the battery in the same way, and make sure that all threads are clean and free from any debris.

If this doesn't solve the issue, then simply change the coil out for a fresh one.

Unfortunately, the Kanger EVOD tank has been discontinued, so please see the JAC Vapour website if you're looking for a replacement e cigarette tank.