FOLLOW THESE STEPS to set up your S-22 or S17-Tank (refer to diagrams or video below for more detail)

1. Unscrew the base of the vape tank and screw in the coil of your choice.If you've already installed a coil, you can skip this step.

2a. If you are using the new 'top-fill' S-17 or S-22 tank: When the base of the tank is screwed into the tank chamber, simply unscrew the mouthpiece from the top of the tank and squeeze your e-liquid into the filling holes at the side. Be careful not to get any e-liquid in the centre tunnel, as this may flood your coil. Replace the mouthpiece and leave to sit for 15 minutes if using a fresh coil.

2b. If you are using the older 'bottom-fill' S-17 or S-22 tank: Turn the tank chamber upside down and fill with e-liquid, making sure to fill no further than the neck of the central chimney tube. Replace the base of the tank (finger-tight only) and leave to sit for 15 mins prior to use if using a fresh coil, to ensure that the coil is properly saturated in e-liquid.

How to fill a topfill S-17 or S-22 tank:

How to fill a bottom-fill S-17 or S-22 tank: