Is your tank leaking?

The design of the Gille Tank places the airflow above the e-liquid or vape juice, which helps to prevent the majority of leaks. However, leaving the tank laid down for prolonged periods of time can still cause a leak to happen, so be sure to keep it upright as often as possible.

If a leak is still occurring when the tank is kept upright, we recommend checking the condensation trap. Open up the tank as if you're going to fill it, and you may see a build up of liquid around the airflow pipes, and this could be what's leaking out from the airflow as it's where vapour can condense back into liquid. Just take some tissue and dab the worst of the liquid away whenever you see it building up. If a leak still occurs, give the tank a good rinse in warm water (without a coil installed) and leave to dry 100% before using again.

You might also need to clear away any condensation buildup from underneath the plastic mouthpiece, which simply pulls off and then can be wiped with a tissue.

If the leak looks like it's coming from elsewhere on the vape tank's body, check the glass and the seals which are situated above and below this glass and make sure the body of the tank is screwed tightly together. If the glass or seals look damaged in any way, change them for the spares included in the tank's box.

Is your tank not producing vapour?

As the Gille tank uses sub-ohm coils, these require larger amounts of power running through them to produce the vapour you're expecting. The Gille's 0.5ohm coils are rated for use between 30w and 60w, but work best around 45-50w. We recommend setting your device to around 25w, and then gradually working it higher and higher, taking a test inhale inbetween. If you find that the draw becomes too harsh or starts to taste a little burnt, set it back to the last setting. This will allow you to find the ideal wattage for your personal preference.

Is your device not recognising your Gille Tank?

If your box mod device isn't recognising your Gille tank (most often indicated by the No Tank message on the SERIES-B Tilt), make sure that the coil is correctly installed by checking the tightness of the ring which holds the coil at the top of the tank, and that the coil makes a good connection with the plate at the bottom of the tank. If the issue persists, change the coil for a new one.

Please see our video below for the correct way to install a coil in the Gille tank:

While we still have a selection of Gille Tank spare parts available, please note that the full tank has now been discontinued. Please check the JAC Vapour website if you're looking for a new replacement vape tank.