Our starting device, the SERIES-E, is made with quality and simplicity in mind.

Out of the box you will find the device with tank, two PT3 V1 coils (1.8ohm), the EGO to USB charging cable, and a full instruction manual.

To install the coil, unscrew the tank from the device then unscrew the base of the tank from the upper tank piece, take your selected coil and screw into the base of the tank, ensuring the coil isn’t cross-threaded.

Take your e-liquid and add a few drops to each of the small cotton wicking pieces on either of the outer edges of the coil then add a few drops of liquid to the inside of the top hole of the coil; this process is called priming the coil (this process only needs to be done with a brand new, fresh, dry coil).

Turn the upper piece of the tank upside down and fill on the outer edge with liquid until it reaches the cross piece at the end of the downpipe.

Screw the base of the tank back into the upper piece of the tank, then screw the tank back onto the device.

Leave the device for 5—10 minutes to completely soak the cotton with liquid.

Once the cotton has been soaked click the button on the device once. If the lights around the button don't do anything, this will mean that the battery is locked, so click the button 5 times quickly and the lights around the button will proceed to flash 3 times meaning the device is now unlocked and ready to use.

Proceed to press and hold the button as you inhale and release the button as you exhale the vapour. To switch the device off again click the button 5 times when the device is switched on.

If you experience any gargling when taking a draw, just hold the SERIES-E by the battery and give it several sharp flicks downward.

We also recommend using the PT3 JOC Wick coils with the SERIES-E, as these are handwicked with Japanese organic cotton and produce much better flavour and vapour.

Please be aware that, due to the TPD regulations, we have had to discontinue the SERIES E starter kits and so it is no longer available. However, we do have a range of TPD-compliant vape pen kits available, so please check out the JAC Vapour site if you're looking for a replacement kit.