Our range of SERIES-B Tilt kits do include everything you need to get you started, but there are some extra items which will further enhance your vaping experience or help with the maintenance of your kit:

  • The coils in your tank will need changing every few days, it's always good to have some spare replacement coils with you just in case!
  • A spare tank will allow you to switch between flavours and even styles of vaping quickly and easily.
  • Spare IMR 18650 batteries will mean that you're never without power, but be sure to keep them in a case when not inside the SERIES-B Tilt for safety reasons.
  • An external charger makes it even easier to have your spare IMR batteries charged and ready to use.
  • A carry case will protect your SERIES-B Tilt from knocks and bumps, and help keep all of your other spare parts in one convenient place.