Your SERIES-B Tilt doesn't require much maintenance, other than changing the coil every 5-10 refills. You can find out how to change the coil here.

However, it is recommended that you keep an eye on all of the connections and threadings to ensure that nothing becomes cross-threaded and that they are kept clean and free from debris.

When charging, be sure not to leave the device unattended and be sure not to overcharge, particularly not overnight. When the device has finished charging, unplug the cable as quickly as possible.

You may also find that over time, especially if you switch IMR 18650 batteries often, that the negative battery connection may become pushed further down, stopping it from creating a solid connection with the battery. If this is happening, we recommend gently raising the connection back up slightly. To lower the chances of this happening, please see the below video on how to remove your battery safely.

Also, once every few weeks or when moving from a rich e-liquid flavour such as tobacco, to a lighter flavour, you can clean the tank. To do this, open the tank as if you're going to fill it, and remove the coil. Rinse both parts of the tank in warm water, or leave to soak in a mug of warm water for 15-20 minutes and then rinse well. Leave to dry completely, install a new coil, fill, and you're all set!