To use your SERIES-B Tilt, simply click the main button five times quickly to turn it on, then hold this button whilst inhaling and release when you finish.

You can change between voltage or wattage mode by clicking the main button three times, and lock the chosen setting by holding the + and - buttons until LOCKED appears on the screen. It can then be unlocked in the same way.

Also, depending on the tank which came with your kit, you can also adjust the airflow on the tank.

A more closed airflow will result in a 'tighter' and warmer draw, whereas opening the airflow up will give you a cooler, more 'airy' draw. If you are using a Direct Lung or Sub Ohm coil, it is recommended that you leave the airflow more open, as this will prevent the coil from getting too hot at higher wattages.

Finally, clicking the main button five times quickly again will turn the box mod off.

For more information on your SERIES-B Tilt, please see our dedicated SERIES-B Tilt article or refer to your instruction manual.