Firstly, follow the instructions for filling the tank which came with your SERIES-B Tilt box mod kit:

Mouth To Lung Kit - Geni Aero Tank/Mega Tank or S-22 Tank

Sub-Ohm (Direct Lung) Kit - Kanger TopTank, S-22 Tank or Arymi Gille tank

Once filled with e-liquid, screw the tank onto the top of the SERIES-B Tilt, but be careful not to overtighten.

Then, insert the IMR 18650 battery into the SERIES-B Tilt, being sure to match the positive and negative connections of the battery with the markings on the inside of the device, and then put the battery cover on. Please see the video below to ensure you're inserting and removing the battery safely.

Next, turn the device on by clicking the button five times. Once it's on, click the button a further three times to change the device into wattage mode. Using the + and - buttons, set the wattage low at first, and then gradually set it higher while taking a small inhale each time. This will allow you to find the ideal setting for you. Mouth To Lung tanks will work best around 15w, while Sub-Ohm tanks work best at 30w+, but play around with the settings until you find the one you prefer. If your vape starts to taste harsh or burnt, you'll know you've gone too far and should lower the wattage.

Once you've found the ideal wattage, you're all set and ready to go!

For more information on your SERIES-B Tilt box mod, please see our dedicated SERIES-B Tilt article or refer to your instruction manual.