To set up your new SERIES-S17 kit, unscrew the tank from the battery and set the battery aside.

Then, keeping a grip on the textured ring at the very end of the tank, unscrew the base. The base is the part that contains the adjustable airflow hole. Take a fresh coil, place it on the base and screw it on tightly. Make sure it is tightened enough and does not move, as this could cause leaking or prevent a proper connection, which will result in your SERIES-S17 not producing any vapour.

You can then prime your coil by dripping some of your favourite e-liquid into the centre of the coil. Alternatively, leave it right-way-up after filling for around 10 minutes before using your SERIES-S17. This ensures that all the wick is saturated with liquid and will not burn dry, which can produce an unpleasant, burnt taste.

S-Coils should be replaced after you have filled up your tank approximately 10 times. Two S-Coils are available for the SERIES-S17: Mouth To Lung and Direct Lung. The Mouth To Lung coils are designed to mimic the feeling of smoking, where you inhale into your mouth and then into your lungs. The Direct Lung coils feel more 'open' when you inhale, and are designed for long, deep draws directly into your lungs.

Next, you need to fill your tank.

If you are using the older 'bottom-fill' style S17 tank:

Take the top part of the tank and turn it upside-down so that the mouthpiece points downward. Fill with your preferred e-liquid, but be careful to not put any down the centre pipe which leads to the mouthpiece (“drip tip”), as it will flow directly out of the tank and waste your liquid. Instead, carefully fill your tank around the centre post, until the liquid is just below the top of this post. Screw the base back onto the tank 

If you are using the new 'topfill' S17 tank:

Once you've installed the coil, screw the top and bottom parts of the tank back together. Then, unscrew the mouthpiece from the top of the tank, and squeeze your e-liquid into the filling holes at the side, being careful not to get any into the centre tunnel as this may flood your coil. You can see these steps on the diagram or video below:

How to set up your SERIES-S Kit

You can now screw your tank onto the battery and turn your device on with 5 quick clicks on the power button. The light around the power button will flash to let you know your device is turned on.

You may also need to give your SERIES-S17 a couple of short, sharp downward flicks whilst holding the battery, especially if you're using the MTL coils or if it's a new coil. This will make sure that the coil isn't holding too much e-liquid and will prevent the coil from gargling or spitting.

Your SERIES-S17 is now ready to use!